OSEMO Pelican v1.0 Manual



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OSEMO Pelican v1 Arduino Files

Arduino IDE


Download Arduino Files

Click on this link for a video showing how to install OSEMO’s core files for Arduino.


If you don’t already have Arduino 1.6.3 on your computer then you can click on this link for a short video on how to install it.

Sketches:  These are to be unzipped in the Arduino sketches folder.

Click on the links below to download the desired Zip file.

GPS Example Sketch for the GPS Add-on

OLED screen Example Sketch
for the OLED Add-on

SSR Example Sketch

for the High-Side and Low-Side SSR Add-ons

CANbus OBDII Example

for use in connecting to vehicle’s OBDII port and requesting OBDII info

If you use CodeBender, you can connect with your OSEMO module via USB and use the Serial Monitor below!

OSEMO is in a stage of on going development.  Any module you might be working with will be a prototype at this point and subject to flaws.  Likewise the documentation in this Resource Section are also in development and subject to mistakes and errors.  Use at your own risk.  There are no warranties or liabilities expressed or otherwise.  By downloading the documentation, you are agreeing to the above terms.

Upon finding mistakes, errors, etc. or if you have improvements to suggest, please use the Contact Us form or Message me via the OSEMO Facebook page and let us know.  Thank you!